Technology for Electronic Job & Task Card Execution

The eCHECK system was developed by Skytek in partnership with Shannon Aerospace.

The eCHECK system aimed to address limitations in current MRO workflow processes and to optimise the delivery of accurate, intelligent and procedural information to engineers who perform complex maintenance of aircrafts.

eCHECK provides an electronic job card system for accessing and performing maintenance procedures.

The eCHECK system also provides a single point of access for engineers on the hangar floor. All relevant support information required to perform a maintenance operation is combined in an intelligent manner along with the work instructions. The electronic job card provides the engineer with direct access to information at the aircraft through the use of rugged laptops or mobile devices connected to a wireless network.

The eCHECK system enables both data gathering and retrieval.

The main asset components are deployed via a central eCHECK server located within the MRO facility. The system is built entirely using Java technologies which provides great flexibility in the selection of the deployment server and client OS.

Summary of eCHECK’S features:

  • Login & Individual User Management
  • Job card execution to walk through the individual steps of a task and digitally sign the complete job card closed upon completion
  • Defect Job Card authoring to enable creation of defect cards during the maintenance of an aircraft and send to the MRO’s ERP or SAP system.
  • Annotations to add a comment to a step or query to planners.
  • PDF data-pack creation with digital signatures
  • ATA Manual access to allow the user access and consult all the reference documentation associated with the aircraft maintenance activities.
  • Search facility
  • Logging facility

Benefits of eCHECK system

  • Increases MRO operational efficiencies
  • Decreases paper associated with MRO operations
  • Effective regulatory compliance tool, as system logs all user interactions
  • Support both standard and defect job cards
  • Links Job cards to Airbus and Boeing maintenance manuals
  • eCHECK is accessible on multiple devices – workstations, tablets and mobile
  • Full electronic reporting
  • Automatic creation of pdf data pack of job cards
  • Fully links and integrates into MRO’s existing IT systems