Skytek’s REACT system guarantees emergency services responding to major incidents flawless communication using satellite-based data, video streaming and voice communication.



It was one of the first emergency mobile applications to use the latest KA band satellite broadband communication technology.  KA band is the new generation satellite communication, providing faster, more reliable and cost effective satellite communication. Real-time footage can be retrieved from both CCTV and helmet-mounted cameras worn by the first responders at the incident. This provides seamless streaming of audio, video, and data between the incident scene personnel and the Command and Control Centre at headquarters. Commanders have a 360 degree view of the local surroundings providing an invaluable real-time picture of any trouble spots. The REACT system’s technology has turned the incident response vehicle into the ‘eyes and ears’ of the entire operation with huge cost and time-saving advantages including:

  • Any member of the Command and Control team can using it using any mobile device.
  • Video, voice and remote camera feeds enables viewing of any crisis situation in real-time.
  • Provision of reliable and accurate information to fire fighters via laptop or computer to the latest up to date reliable, information including; latest version of pre-emergency plans, car extrication and hazardous chemical databases.
  • Provision of local and international phone numbers enabling contact and communications via satellite link.
  • A paperless system that eliminates the need to store large volumes of paper.
  • Online access and secure transmission in real-time, for example, on-line fire incident forms.
  • Efficient mechanism to update and distribute information across an entire organisation, including training and health and safety instructions and management reports.
  • Provision of valuable evidence in Court cases.


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