Skytek is a leading world class award winning software solutions Company, specialising in the creation of innovative solutions for a range of complex and demanding industries including the space industry.

The key to Skytek’s success is taking the technology it has developed for space and applying it to other sectors including aviation and marine together with applications in security and crisis management, insurance and compliance.


Skytek has developed advanced systems that provide support services to assist in the execution of procedures onboard the International Space Station.


For more than a decade Skytek has collaborated with international operators specialising in the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of aircraft to develop advanced software systems supporting the maintenance process.


Our risk and compliance management software provides intuitive, affordable technology solutions to help manage risk and satisfy compliance obligations.

Security/Emergency Services

Our solutions cover a wide range of security requirements, from locking down critical ICT systems and preventing attack, to managing responses and communications to a crisis or natural disaster. Our systems also support emergency services by enabling timely and accurate voice, image and data communication between remote units and central command units.