The Digital CUO: Guide to industry 5.0: Leading Compliance

Part 2: Lead Compliance

Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic and at a time of heightened global risk, including unprecedented sanctions breaches and natural catastrophes growing year on year, the pressure is on modern Chief Underwriting Officers to gain stability and increase profit.

Now is the time for the insurance industry to embrace digital operating models, big data, AI, and predictive analytics to lower loss ratios and manage price and risk more accurately.

Designed for the modern Chief Underwriting Officer, this four part journey explores how tomorrow’s technology is transforming how re/insurers do business today.

In Part 2 ‘Leading Compliance we explore:

  • How insurers can lead compliance in both data handling and the legislative minefield

  • How technology can address a fast-changing risk profile.

  • Which trends in technology will define the coming years

  • How security and compliance are crucial to the sector

Data is transforming the entire world of business, but with it comes a legal obligation to handle information sensitively. Insurers can leverage future uncertainty around regulations to become compliance leaders rather than followers. Understand how to use technology to help insurers stay agile and one step ahead of both legislation and the ever changing market.

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