The Digital CUO: Guide to industry 5.0: Embracing Risk

Part 3: Embracing Risk

Designed for the modern Chief Underwriting Officer, this four part journey explores how tomorrow’s technology is transforming how re/insurers do business today. In part three, we look at how technology can address a fast-changing risk profile.

Eliminating risk is neither possible nor desirable. Indeed, risk is the very reason for the existence of insurance. Equality, no insurer or reinsurer can afford to take a cavalier approach to the risks they underwrite. What can be done, however, is to use new technologies and data to understand and embrace risk, improving the underwriting process on both a global and case by case basis. 

In Part 3 ‘Embracing risk’ we explore:

  • How to transform raw data into actionable information
  • Why technology will augment rather than replace human decision-makers
  • How the right tech can address new concerns around ESG

Understand how to use technology to help insurers stay agile and make smarter faster decisions.

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