REACT Marine

One platform to manage your global portfolios in real time

Real-Time Marine Aggregation

The Skytek REACT platform, endorsed by the European Space Agency, uses real-time satellite tracking, Earth Observation imagery and region monitoring to allow re/insurers to visualise the precise location of their insured risks alongside vessel and cargo information.

Industry Challenges

The marine industry is undergoing dramatic digital evolution. The risk in losses from more significant accumulations, the focus on sanctions compliance to reduce the rise in cargo losses and the growing impact of sustainability from both government and corporate agenda, Seas of change demand a proactive insurer response.

In the past, insurance companies have experienced challenges in accurately assessing and tracking vessels and assets. Detailed analysis and estimation of insured values following a catastrophic event tend to be somewhat problematic. Traditionally the lack of access to real-time data and effective technology has not permitted a proactive insurer response until now.

What are the benefits for re/insurers?

  • Real-time hull and onboard cargo exposure analysis
  • The addition of loss data facilitates the development of a robust underwriting tool
  • Alerts for risk accumulation within predefined zones and key ports
  • Event footprints to carry out detailed pre and post-event analysis
  • Highlights peak exposures to better inform reinsurance purchases
  • Ability to track the historical movement of individual vessels for up to three years
Oil Tanker

REACT Sanctions Compliance

One platform to manage your global portfolios in real time

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