Real Time Monitoring of Ports & Regions

Monitor cargo accumulation using satellite technology

Why choose Skytek REACT?


Real Time Information on Cargo & Ports

Cargo Monitoring at Ports

Using the latest Earth Observation and data analytics techniques, REACT monitors 200 ports worldwide and provides real time data on risk accumulation. Using Skytek’s proprietary technology, total cargo exposure is calculated in near real time.   

Skytek Cargo Accumulation Monitoring
Skytek uses Earth Observation imagery and Machine Learning to monitor cargo movements

Cargo Movements and Trends

Historical and trading patterns are analysed to assess trends overtime.  Over 12 key cargo categories are analysed over the 3 year period.  Excellent for model validation.

Immediate Loss Assessment

Pre and Post loss Analysis  after  severe  weather  events  and  other  catastrophes.  The ability to provide real-time feedback on potential event exposure helps eliminate market volatility and uncertainty.  Satellite imagery is incorporated into both pre and post loss assessment

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Before After Skytek EO image of Beirut Port before explosionSkytek EO image of Beirut Port before explosion
Skytek ESG Scoring

ESG Scoring

A Port ESG scoring is assigned based upon vessel traffic.

Using Skytek’s proprietary technology vessel movements, cargoes etc. are monitored across the globe

Claims Management

The system allows companies to assess the validity of potentially ‘in dispute’ claims, for example oil spill.  Real time monitoring will confirm location, track movements, weather conditions, etc., to better understand underlying claim circumstances. In addition, earth observation techniques can determine and apportion responsibility for environmental breaches etc.

Skytek monitoring of vessels during the oil spill off Newport Beach, California
Skytek monitoring of vessels during the oil spill off Newport Beach, California

Real time aggregate exposure for any region - define your own areas of interest

Dynamic Region Monitoring

REACT has a powerful feature that automates the region monitoring process.  The user can ‘ask’ the REACT system where areas of high activity are present across the globe.  The system can assist in providing valuable information in the initial selection and validation of wind energy sites.

Skytek Data Sets

Data Sets

REACT is a versatile system that has the ability to ingest various sources such as AIS (Automatic Identification System), SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar), and EO (Earth Observation), optical satellite imagery, VMS (Vessel Monitoring System), and RFM (Radio Frequency Monitoring), ensuring an accurate and complete representation of exposure on ground.

Environmental Compliance

REACT is a valuable resource to assist users with environmental compliance obligations by providing valuable insight on environmental risk factors for the specific areas of interest and parameters to be monitored.  Factors such as understanding possible marine sensitive areas fishing grounds, empower the user with data to identify and select the most suitable areas for development, and assist with documenting the associated feasibility studies.

Skytek Environmental Compliance
Historical Analysis & Heat Maps

Historical Analysis & Heat Maps

REACT acts as a central repository for assets data and moving assets historical tracks. The system is designed to allow users to make informed decisions based on facts, backed up by significant amounts of data and complex aggregation analysis. By investigating vessel movements and usage in specific area of interests, the users can understand behavioural patterns and identify trends. This provides them with the ability to compare and benchmark on a global basis, allowing them to easily identify areas of potential interest for future assets deployment, using graphical and visual representation of data such as Heat Maps. This representation allows users to better visualise the volume of items, such as fishing vessels, in the defined region of interest.

Pre/Post Event Analysis

REACT integrates severe weather events and other catastrophes datasets and information to provide pre and post event analysis capabilities. The system provides near real time ‘ground truth’ using a range of sources, including the latest satellite Earth Observation imagery, allowing users to monitor and track assets that are affected by the event, as this unfolds.

Visible and radar (SAR) satellite data are tasked pre and post event, providing data for the system for automatic detection and identification of changes associated with the catastrophe. This functionality allows users to efficiently receive information about the status of their assets in the immediate aftermath of the event, empowering them to make informed decisions.

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