REACT Ports and Regions

One platform to manage your global portfolios in real time

Industry Challenges

With higher cargo volumes, larger ships, expanding ports capacity and increasingly efficient terminal operations, the need for more timely risk exposure analysis has become more acute. (Re)insurers need to understand better their cargo catastrophe risk and how it correlates with other lines of business.

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Combining geolocation, satellite imagery, big data and machine learning, REACT has applications across the entire spectrum of the insurance community.

REACT provides the ability to work smarter and faster by identifying and managing risk, accumulations, catastrophe and claims by shining a spotlight on any region or asset in the world.

What are the benefits for re/insurers?

  • Near real-time calculation of port activity worldwide to determine aggregate risk exposure, i.e. hull, property, cargo combined.
  • Pre and post-event satellite images to support claims assessment.
  • The calculation of containers (TEU), cars, and other cargo using the latest Earth Observation techniques.

One platform to manage your global portfolios in real time

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