Skytek is using advanced data techniques and space technology to monitor marine, port and offshore assets,
to help insurers gain critical insight into risk accumulation.

In near real time, our products have the ability to monitor risk thresholds and alert insurers to excessive concentration.

Identifying asset movement patterns over a number of years is a key feature.


Skytek has partnered with Aon to develop a platform that addresses the accumulation challenges of underwriting marine risks.  The Skytek system, endorsed by the European Space Agency, uses real-time satellite tracking allowing re/insurers to visualise the precise location of their insured risks alongside vessel and cargo information.    


With higher cargo volumes, larger ships, expanding ports capacity and increasingly efficient terminal operations, the need for more timely risk exposure analysis has become more acute. (Re)insurers need to have a better understanding of their cargo catastrophe risk and how it correlates with other lines of business.                                                  


The Offshore Aggregate Tool provides near real-time information on worldwide offshore asset exposure to the insurance industry. OAT brings a unique combination of the latest available Earth Observation (EO) Imagery, GNSS and S-AIS data,  big data analytics and machine learning, to provide the insurance industry with information on offshore activities.