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Understanding offshore exposure

Skytek React Offshore Aggregate Tool (OAT) provides near-real-time information on worldwide offshore asset exposure to the insurance industry. React OAT brings a unique combination of the latest available Earth Observation (EO) Imagery, combined with GNSS and S-AIS data. It uses big data analytics, with machine learning, to provide the insurance industry with information on worldwide energy offshore activities. OAT provides the complete range of services required by the industry from initial determination of risk exposure at quotation, through to monitoring of portfolio risks and pre/post event analysis of potential loss.

Key Features

  • Provides the location of offshore energy assets worldwide at both portfolio and global level
  • Pre- and post-satellite images and data to assist with claims management.
  • Assessment of aggregate exposure to manage risk concentration.
  • Historical analysis of specific asset movement to allow exact pricing of risks.
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