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Skytek technology has been central in humanity’s quest to break the chains of orbit, and as we enter a new era of manned spaceflight the right solutions can dramatically reduce complexity and increase safety for astronauts in the heavens above

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International Procedural Viewer

Revolutionising work onboard the International Space Station by making space procedures paperless

IPV image marine

The life of an astronaut in space consists of following many step-by-step procedures. Skytek’s (International Procedural Viewer) IPV platform manages over 13,000 procedures which has resulted in significant efficiencies and improved quality assurance across space operations. The IPV system is constantly evolving and has grown to include a mobile version and augmented reality (AR) suite.

What IPV offers:

  • Individual login and personalisation.
  • Complete access to all the information they need to do their work on board.
  • A paperless solution – This entirely web-based application eliminated the need for paper technical manuals and checklists onboard the International Space Station.
  • Supports all operating systems and devices.
  • A complete end-to-end solution, which includes authoring, execution, management and reporting features.
  • Centralised storage system with a single source of truth for all procedures.
  • Central logging of every activity in a procedure undertaken by every person in the organisation.
  • Annotation facility.


ESA austronaut in space

Skytek’s XTP software platform was specially developed for management of complex and distributed operations for astronaut activities on board the International Space Station (ISS), where coordination of operations between mission control and ISS in essential and actual operational procedures and workflow are required to be tailored based on the actual operational requirements of that day. Skytek has built the latest version of XTP based on the specific needs of astronauts, commercial operators and procedure authors which results in a system which streamline astronaut’s workflow to ensure that only steps that are actually required to perform an activity are provided to the astronaut. With astronauts’ time being so valuable any efficiency improvements for task execution that can be achieved is of huge importance.

What XTP offers:

  • Massively streamlined in orbit workflows
  • Optimised ground support for astronaut task execution

Augmented reality hololens

augmented reality in use via phone and headset

Skytek’s innovation does not end with traditional software. Deploying the latest technology, Skytek’s MobiPV augmented reality (AR) project adds value to the space domain. Today, ESA astronauts use it to help them prepare for life on the International Space Station, both practicing how to operate payloads and experiment in zero-gravity—all while never leaving the ground. When used by astronauts on board, AR actively reacts to the user’s environment and circumstances; superimposing digital information directly onto physical objects and equipment and allowing the astronauts to process the digital and physical simultaneously, improving their ability to absorb it, make decisions and act more quickly.

What AR offers:

  • Natural user interface
  • Speech control input and output
  • User interface gesture recognition


International Space Station above Earth

With the lifespan of the International Space Station (ISS) extended older systems continue to provide vital services, but ageing IT equipment require updating while maintaining full compatibility and data integrity. Skytek has developed fully virtualised environments that replicate legacy systems with modern hardware that upgrade the data management system (DMS) ‘brains of the ISS’ in the Columbus module.

Skytek provides:

  • Fully compatible operational environments
  • Virtualised laptop environments supporting payload and experiment control

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