Skytek’s International Procedure Viewer (IPV) technology provides a list of instructions to Astronauts to help them perform manual and often complex tasks using electronic interactive procedures.
This technology was launched to the International Space station in 2005 and has been a key tool used by astronauts on a daily basis with over 10,000 procedures in the system.


Skytek’s REACT system provides satellite broadband, wirelessly-enabled data, video, voice and remote access solutions to provide incident Chiefs with a joined-up dynamically updated picture of emergency incidents that; supports common operational planning and understanding of actions, improves management efficiency and builds public confidence.

ESA atmospheric Validation Data Centre

The ESA Validation Data Centre (EVDC) serves as a central, long-term repository in Europe for archiving and exchange of correlative data for validation of atmospheric composition products from satellite platforms. EVDC provides tools for extraction, conversion and archival of a large amount of Earth Observation (EO) data. The online service supports users in managing and exploiting campaign datasets for EO missions and applications.


The Next Generation Recognised Maritime Picture (NG-RMP) project provides a system to the Irish Naval Services (INS) which generates an advanced Recognised Maritime Picture (RMP) using emerging Satellite Automatic Identification System (S-AIS) technology. Integrating CCTV and external database sources, advanced data mining and advanced visualisation techniques can be applied to the gathered information for presentation to personnel within the INS HQ.