The International Procedure Viewer platform was developed by Skytek to assist astronauts in their daily execution of procedures onboard the International Space Station.

  • Skytek’s International Procedure Viewer (IPV) technology provides a list of instructions to Astronauts to help them perform manual and often complex tasks using electronic interactive procedures.
  • This technology was launched to the International Space station in 2005 and has been a key tool used by astronauts on a daily basis with over 10,000 procedures in the system.
  • The system has grown to include a mobile and tablet version, advanced editor together with 3D Model enhanced procedures.
Astronaut Andreas Mogensen using mobiPV onboard the ISS
Astronaut Andreas Mogensen using mobiPV onboard the ISS


  • IPV adapted for in-the-field use on laptops, mobile, tablet and head-mounted displays.
  • Interactive procedures with flexible HTML5 rendering means that steps, sections or whole procedures may be displayed as needed.
  • Extensible REST API allows for integration with instant messaging systems, ERP, web or native apps and more.

IPV Tablet

Skytek has developed a fully featured, cross-platform tablet app version of IPV to grant the astronauts greater mobility & flexibility onboard the space station, allowing them to load up their activities onto a tablet device to bring directly to where it’s needed and no longer be tethered to station computers.


MobiPV was demonstrated by Andreas Mogensen (see photo above) as part of the IRISS mission in September 2015, and on NASA’s Neemo Missions 19 & 20 in July 2015, where it was a big success.



Skytek has also developed XTP (eXecute Tailored Procedures), a WYSIWYG editor for selecting the required steps & other procedure contents. It also has the ability to create a new procedure file with only the required details for the task, thus helping to increase clarity and improve efficiency for the astronauts.



Skytek in conjunction with Parallel Graphics & ESA have developed a 3D Procedure Authoring Tool. This extends the procedure authoring capabilities to include loading of 3D models to be view along side the main procedures, as a step-linked animation sequence, and as an interactive, 360° view, allowing the astronaut a much more detailed and flexible view of the onboard systems for on the ground training or preparation before performing a task onboard. This allows for a more detailed & interactive view of the various payloads & sections of the station,

Skytek’s IPV based system is a web-based, client-server application that provides:

  • A complete end to end solution which includes authoring, execution, management and reporting features.
  • This Web-based viewer offers a suite of tools to create electronic procedures, maintain libraries, and provide an offline viewing capability for stand-alone clients. IPV utilizes standards based XML-formatted documents to display interactive procedures.
  • Centralised storage system with single source of truth for all procedures of an organisation
  • Complete suite of tools from web based authoring through to distribution and execution: total management of organisations procedures
  • Complete web browser based authoring, drag and drop and graphical building interface for procedures
  • Support for decision support procedures in native HTML5 allowing complex procedures to be displayed in interactive diagrams for execution
  • “Take and go” mode, where procedures can be downloaded to mobile devices executed offline and synced back to the server
  • Usage of tablet sensors and video/audio hardware for integration of multimedia note taking and sharing
  • Complete paper-trail from central logging of every activity in a procedure undertaken by every person in an organisation,