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EarthCARE launched to study role of clouds and aerosols in Earth’s climate

Irish Company, Skytek Makes Significant Contributions to Launch and Support of the Groundbreaking EarthCARE Satellite Mission

Skytek is pleased to announce its ongoing contributions to the successful launch of the EarthCARE satellite, a collaborative effort between the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). This ambitious mission, launched on May 28, 2024, marks a significant leap forward in our understanding of Earth’s climate system.

Skytek played a leading role throughout the mission’s preparation phase. We spearheaded a consortium that included ICHEC, the Irish Centre for High End Computing and NILU the Norwegian Research Institute.  Together, this consortium developed essential software tools and the EarthCARE Validation Data Centre (EVDC) web platform. This platform serves as a central hub for scientists and engineers around the world, granting access to early mission products and correlative data.

“Skytek is proud to be a part of this groundbreaking mission,” said Dr Sarah Bourke, CEO of Skytek.

“The EarthCARE satellite has the potential to revolutionise our understanding of Earth’s climate system, and we are committed to supporting its success throughout its operational lifetime.”

As EarthCARE enters its commissioning phase, Skytek’s commitment continues. We are actively involved in supporting and providing tools for ground-based data collection campaigns. Additionally, we are playing a crucial role in establishing efficient data flows for the mission performance center and fiducial measurements.

Looking ahead, Skytek remains dedicated to the EarthCARE mission even after it becomes fully operational. Our ongoing support includes:

  • Continued contributions to calibration and validation (Cal/Val) activities
  • Close monitoring of mission performance through the established EVDC platform

The EarthCARE satellite carries four cutting-edge instruments: a cloud profiling radar, an atmospheric lidar, a multispectral imager, and a broadband radiometer. This powerful combination will provide a comprehensive view of the intricate interactions between clouds, aerosols, and radiation. This newfound knowledge will be instrumental in furthering our understanding of Earth’s radiation balance, a critical factor in the fight against climate change.

About Skytek

Skytek is a leading provider of intelligent software solutions for aerospace and critical industries. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, Skytek empowers professionals with intuitive and reliable tools to ensure safety, efficiency, and success in complex environments.

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EarthCARE satellite separates

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