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Skytek is an award-winning software company specialising in creating innovative solutions for a range of complex and demanding industries.

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Skytek people need to be highly motivated, committed with a determination to succeed. They must also relish the challenge and opportunities of international assignments and feel comfortable working in new cultural environments.

Skytek people need to be highly motivated, committed with a determination to succeed. They must also relish the challenge and opportunities of international assignments and feel comfortable working in new cultural environments.

An inclusive environment

Skytek is committed to building an inclusive and diverse workplace that is welcoming to all. Skytek is firmly opposed to any form of discrimination according to ethnic or national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion or age. Our core belief is that diverse teams mean better results, with a wide range of skills and backgrounds contributing to a greater whole, and our culture is one of hiring the best and helping them thrive.

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Dr. Sarah Bourke - CEO of Skytek

Dr. Sarah Bourke

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Kiernan - CTO of Skytek

Paul Kiernan

Chief Technical Officer

Available Positions

We currently have the following openings in our Skytek team, apply below.

Job Description

This role will be based in the Skytek office working on our core products and major customer solutions. Skytek is looking for a web developer responsible for the development of both server-side logic and front-end elements using the latest web technologies.

The developer is expected to be highly technically proficient in Python, Django, PostgreSQL, HTML/CSS and JavaScript to be able to write, deploy and maintain web applications. The application domain will be Geospatial in nature so a strong knowledge of web-based frameworks such as Leaflet, CesiumJS will be required.

Production experience with Docker and AWS environments is also an advantage.

The role will also involve liaising with customer representatives for product demonstrations and ongoing requirements capture and product definition so excellent communication and interpersonal skills are required.


  • Work in Skytek office to developing new Geospatial web applications
  • Develop and support current Geospatial web applications for key Skytek clients.
  • Work directly with the customer on future requirements.
  • Based on requirements implement, build and maintain web applications.
  • Collaborate with current development team

Skills and Qualifications

  • BSc in Computer Science (or equivalent)
  • 5 years’ experience in web application product development using Django framework (key skill)
  • Experience developing with Python
  • Experience with relational databases, specifically PostgreSQL
  • Experience developing with JavaScript, HTML5, DOM, CSS
  • Experience using JSON, XML, AJAX and jQuery
  • Knowledge and preferred experience with Leaflet, CesiumJS, GIS frameworks
  • Knowledge of Docker, AWS
  • Ability to communicate clearly with customers
  • Travel to customer locations for meetings/presentations


  • Viewable examples of previous work
  • Experience with Agile toolsets, i.e. JIRA and Confluence
  • Knowledge of big data concept and open source frameworks
  • Use of automated build process tools, version control systems, REST APIs


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Job Description

This role will be based in the Skytek office working on our core products and major customer solutions.

The role focuses on developing machine learning algorithms and models for space and insurance industry. Candidates should be able to design and implement state-of-the-art ML models in the domain of object detection and semantic segmentation of satellite imagery. Candidates should be able to follow and replicate the newest research in machine learning, and then apply the generic solutions to more narrowly defined problems and use cases. 



  • Develop and design ML-based solutions in the area of satellite imagery analysis
  • Analysis large datasets and collaborate with data engineers and domain experts to build model pipelines.
  • Implement and deploy the ML solutions.
  • Follow and replicate state-of-the-art research in the domain of satellite imagery analysis using ML.
  • Manage the ML infrastructure and pipelines for deployment into production environments.
  • Communication and presentation of developed ML solutions to clients and end users.
  • Work within projects teams to support integration of ML solutions into overall solutions.
  • Support company technology roadmap and research in ML based solutions development.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Fluency with the ML stack of choice (Keras, TensorFlow, FastAI)
  • Strong programming experience in Python
  • Experience with AWS tooling for training and deploying ML models to production.
  • Experience in Amazon ML services such as AWS SageMaker, AWS Ground Truth

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Job Description

This is a unique and exciting opportunity to play a key role in the development and growth of our business. We are looking for an exceptional candidate with real presence who can demonstrate combination of commercial acumen, strategic thinking skills, ability to think creatively and identify opportunities. As this is a small team you will also be required to adopt a hands-on approach to market our products throughout the marine insurance sector.



  • Contribute to the creation and execution of website and social media channels
  • Identify and source relevant content and news for our website and social media
  • Assist in the development of email campaigns
  • Work with the senior management team in identifying growth and development opportunities for our range of products
  • Formulate a plan to pursue those opportunities to end process
  • Collaborate closely with the technical team on business development opportunities


Skills and Qualifications

  • Third level qualification in marketing, communications or similar field required
  • At least 3 years’ experience in similar position
  • Strong strategic thinking skills and strong attention to detail
  • Self-starter and highly motivated individual
  • Demonstrable commercial acumen with an ability to evaluate opportunities
  • Junior level experience combined with a professional approach with presence
  • Forward-thinking and ability to see areas requiring improvement
  • Ability to establish credibility, effectively engage with and influence diverse teams of individuals
  • Excellent written, communication and presentation skills
  • An enthusiasm and passion for seeing projects through to fruition as well as a flexible approach and willingness to do what it takes to reach end goals

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