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Skytek - Emergency
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REACT Emergency Tool

Skytek drives collaboration and communication in even the most adverse circumstances.

Satellite Communications for the Emergency Services

Skytek worked with the Dublin Fire Brigade in Ireland to develop a satellite enabled communication system for major emergencies that ensures constant and reliable communication during a major emergency. REACT2 is a hybrid solution that combines the usage of mobile and satellite communication.

Key features of REACT:

  • REACT2 is one of the first emergency mobile applications to use the latest KA-band satellite broadband communication technology, providing faster, more reliable and cost effective satellite communication.
  • Real-time footage can be retrieved from both CCTV and helmet-mounted cameras.
  • Seamless streaming of audio, video and data between the incident scene and command centre.

About REACT2

In a situation of pandemic disease like COVID-19 or other major emergency responses having a fully integrated Command and Control (C&C) solution is vital to the effective management
of the evolving situation. In addition, a solution which can be used in a fully distributed manner supporting the concept of a ‘virtual C&C centre’ which can use Satellite Communications provides the next evolution in emergency response.

The REACT2 project is an Irish/Italian research project, funded by the European Space Agency, where the Irish partners have concentrated their efforts on facilitating and improving the Command and Control services.

The REACT2 project has created innovative software solutions for the support of emergency response personnel requiring command and control that have been successfully tested in pilot experiments

Command & Control Subsystem

Key Features:

This component provides, among other functions, situation awareness, accompanied by the capacity of reacting fast and in a relevant way, using accurate and timely information.
  • Log and Viewer Component
  • Virtual Information Dashboards:
    • Recognised Current Situation (RCS component)
    • Action
    • Key issues
    • Aims & Priorities
  • Incident Map
  • GUI Component