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Skytek - Spacecraft AIT
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Spacecraft Assembly, Integration & Testing

Elevating Spacecraft Assembly, Integration and Testing (AIT) with Cutting-Edge Technology

Skytek AIT

Elevating Spacecraft Assembly, Integration and Testing (AIT) with Cutting-Edge Technology

At Skytek, we’re thrilled to unveil our revolutionary Assembly, Integration, and Testing (AIT) software, poised to redefine the landscape of spacecraft development and validation. Developed in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA), our AIT system integrates the latest in Industry 4.0 methodologies with space standards, offering unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and interoperability.

Unlocking Efficiency with Industry-Leading Standards

Harnessing the power of the 'Industry 4.0' OTX (Open Test Sequence eXchange) standard, endorsed by industry giants like BMW and Audi, our AIT solution ensures seamless compatibility and integration with existing systems and processes.

Built for Precision, Backed by Standards

Seamlessly interfacing with hardware test equipment, our system adheres to stringent space standards such as EGS-CC/EGSE for telemetry and telecommanding. This ensures robust testing capabilities while maintaining the highest levels of reliability and compliance.

Empowering Teams, Anytime, Anywhere

Accessible via mobile devices, our AIT platform empowers engineers and technicians with on-the-go access to procedures and CAD models. Say goodbye to paper documentation headaches and hello to enhanced operational efficiency, even within the most demanding clean room environments.

Key Features:

Spacecraft Assembly with Augmented Reality

Imagine technicians assembling intricate spacecraft guided by holographic instructions, seamlessly overlaid on real components. This is the power of Augmented Reality (AR) transforming the demanding world of spacecraft Assembly, Integration, and Testing (AIT), and Skytek, a leading space technology innovator, is at the helm.

Our cutting-edge AR technology seamlessly blends the physical world with virtual elements, offering a range of game-changing benefits for AIT:

Step-by-step procedures displayed in AR significantly reduce errors and streamline assembly, saving valuable time and resources. Technicians receive real-time guidance on wiring harnesses and component placement, eliminating the need for paper manuals.

 AR overlays ensure component placement with pinpoint accuracy, minimizing misalignments and potential failures. Technicians verify critical measurements and clearances directly on the physical structure, eliminating separate tools and human error.

AR breaks down geographical barriers, allowing seasoned engineers to virtually guide on-site technicians through complex processes in real-time, ensuring expertise is always on hand.

AR simulations provide realistic training scenarios for technicians, allowing them to practice procedures in a safe environment before tackling the real work, boosting confidence and minimizing risks.

AR overlays real-time data on physical components, providing instant insights into their performance. Technicians visualize temperature readings and pressure levels directly on equipment, aiding in troubleshooting and optimizing system performance.

A Case Study in Transformation: