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Situational Awareness

Across sea, land and air, whether it's vessels, vehicles, aircraft or other high-value assets, Skytek’s global monitoring solutions support command & control through the provision of real-time monitoring and analysis

One globally accessible platform to manage & analyse your data in real time, enabling information & decision advantage

Key Features:

Data Analytics
  • Real time analysis using AI and ML
  • Data fusion using multiple sources
  • Automated scenario planning & tailored alerts
Region Monitoring
  • Detailed region historical and real time exposure
  • Streamline management of High Risk Areas (HRAs) for security incidents
  • Latest Joint War Council (JWC) limits
Patterns of Life
  • Understand behavioural patterns with historic analysis
  • Tailored regular monitoring of global locations for changes e.g. infrastructure, unauthorised construction, oil pollution
  • Automated tailored alerts utilising AI & ML
Mobile Assets
  • Automated real-time monitoring of vessels, vehicles, aircraft and other high value assets across the globe
  • Integration with weather monitoring satellites and systems to track and monitor affected assets
  • Track risk aggregation & exposure in real time
  • Automated tailored alerts utilising AI & ML
Pre/Post Events
  • Combining satellite imagery, UAVs, multiple data sources, AI and ML to support rapid event analysis at any location across the globe within hours
  • Removing the need to send people into risky locations
  • Automated monitoring of assets to support carbon reduction to achieve international targets
  • Automated ratings for assets based upon operation
  • Analysis of ESG over time to identify patterns & opportunities for improvements
Sanctions Compliance
  • Enhanced screening for sanctioned cargo origin on incoming vessels
  • Automated alert system for ships involved in STS operations at sea
  • Detailed compliance profile of all vessels calling at ports
  • Data analytics algorithms using a variety of data sources to investigate and validate suspicious activity
  • Automated tailored alerts utilising AI & ML
Dark Vessels
  • Identification & monitoring of dark vessels at critical and contentious locations around the globe
  • Linking with optical satellites to provide visual confirmation of vessel identification & location
  • Automated tailored alerts utilising AI & ML
  • Automated tailored alerts utilising AI & ML
Safety & Security Screening
  • Early identification of safety and security risks for incoming vessels
  • Pre-emptive awareness of poor safety performance, casualties, blacklisting
  • Providing additional tailored insights above the mandatory CERS requirements
  • Automated tailored alerts utilising AI & ML

Tailored dashboards & bespoke features