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Skytek - Cyber
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Security, Reliability and Resilience for ICT systems


Security, Reliability and Resilience for ICT systems

PRECYSE is a European research funded project that defines, develops and validates a methodology, an architecture and a set of technologies or tools. The goal is to improve by design– the security, reliability and resilience of the ICT systems supporting the Critical Infrastructures.

For more information see: Precyse

This goal can be mapped into a set of specific Scientific and Technical objectives:

  • To specify a methodology to identify the assets, associated threats and vulnerabilities to improve the level of security for CI thus.
  • To specify and develop a security architecture that improves resilience.
  • Develop a set of tools and technologies for the protection of CI and prevent cyber-attacks against them.
  • Develop a set of tools and technologies for the early warning of attacks to CI and the issuing of countermeasures.
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