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Skytek - Satellite Communication
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Satellite Communication

Local actions can be augmented by the global view and Skytek’s deep expertise in satellite technology can keep you in the picture no matter where you are.


Space Technology Adapted to Help Irish Fire Fighters

The RESPOND project enabled the Dublin Fire Brigade using mobile communication technology, originally developed for astronauts on the International Space Station, to gain crucial information about emergency situations while on route to accident scenes. The new system, for example, allows an emergency crew travelling to a fire to download the layout of the building, identifying where the hydrants are located and what chemicals may be inside.  Respond empowers firefighters to better prepare, intervene faster, saving precious time and possibly lives.

For more information see: ESA

Dublin Fire Service
Forest Fire Management


Management of Forest Fires

In recent years, the frequency of wild fires has increased significantly owing to a number of factors including the effects of climate change, urbanisation, poor landscape management and malevolent acts. These so-called “Mega-fires” are particularly destructive and difficult to control with the technologies and systems currently available to fire fighters and emergency agencies. The AF3 project sought to improve the  efficiency of fire-fighting operations by developing innovative technologies in the area of early detection and monitoring, advanced aerial firefighting and major emergency co-ordination.

A range of AF3 project Webinars and presentations are on AF3 project Youtube channel: AF3 


Federated Security Shield for Maritime Security

International co-operation is essential in order to effectively manage maritime waters.  Numerous agencies are involved including coastguards, customs, maritime police, border police immigration office, fishery inspectorate etc.  The main goal of FedSS was to provide an IT infrastructure to support the sharing of sensitive information on a secure need-to-share basis.   

For more information see:  ITEA-3

Maritime Security