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Skytek - The Final Frontier – Northern Ireland Launches Its Own Space Cluster
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The Final Frontier – Northern Ireland Launches Its Own Space Cluster

When Frank Sinatra sang ‘Fly Me To The Moon’, he could never have guessed that in the following years and decades, humans would have set foot on the moon, sent probes into interstellar space and be planning a manned mission to Mars. For the director of the Northern Ireland Space office, Robert Hill, the future was never that far away, in fact the future is coming to Belfast as the UK Space Conference comes to the ICC from 21st to 23rd November.

This week, also marks UN World Space Week and to celebrate its launch, the Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland, Skytek Ltd, the Northern Ireland Space Office, and the UK Space Agency are hosting one of a series of ongoing workshops to advise the public sector in understanding how satellite data and applications can support and augment effective and efficient local public services.

Marking UN World Space Week and celebrating the launch of UK Space Conference and the Northern Ireland cluster, pictured are (LtoR): Rico Santiago, Deputy Head of Business Development, OSNI, Susan Heaney, NI Space Office, Jarek Dobrzanski, Software Engineer, Skytek, Robert Hill, Director, NI Space Office, Jon Hulks, Space Ecosystem Development Manager, UK Space Agency and Evelyn Lowndes and Laura McKee from OSNI.

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