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Skytek - NI Space: Local companies are helping NI position itself as a key player in space exploration
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NI Space: Local companies are helping NI position itself as a key player in space exploration

IN the realm of space technology innovation, Northern Ireland stands as a unique region where industry and academia seamlessly collaborate.

Our dynamic landscape, flexible, highly skilled workforce and rich history of engineering and technology excellence converge to propel us into the future of space exploration.

Our burgeoning space sector has roots deeply embedded in its distinguished aerospace and defence heritage, spanning over a century.

And this robust foundation has created a skilled workforce, a strong, accredited supply chain and infrastructure that has easily transitioned to meet the evolving needs of the emerging space sector.

Many local companies are doing business on the global stage, helping position Northern Ireland as a key player in advancing space exploration.

Our region’s excellence in advanced data analytics and cyber-security has further propelled our space ambitions.

Companies like software firm Skytek, provide astronaut scheduling programs on the International Space Station.

Skytek is in attendance at the UK Space Conference 2023 in Belfast.

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