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Skytek - Emerging Satellite AIS Technology to Generate a Dynamic and Improved Recognised Maritime Picture
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Emerging Satellite AIS Technology to Generate a Dynamic and Improved Recognised Maritime Picture


Skytek was awarded funding through the ESA ARTES programme for the development of a demonstrator titled ‘Next Generation – Recognised Maritime Picture’ (NG-RMP). The project focused on the use of emerging Satellite AIS vessel position technology to generate a dynamic and improved RMP. This would determine ‘vessels of interest’ for the Irish Naval Service and provide real-time aggregated information on vessels for the insurance industry.

New Technology

The system was further enhanced by the integration of high-resolution Earth observation datasets, SAR data and machine learning. This provided insurance organisations at major ports worldwide the capability to detect dark activities on vessels, calculate the value of cargo and make calculated risk assumptions regarding the vessels.

Skytek Satellite Club
Skytek's Satellite Club Solution
Skytek Situation Room
Skytek's Situation Room solution

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