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IPV on Ardmore

Skytek’s New IPV Marine is Trialled by Ardmore Fleet

Skytek is pleased to announce that it will embark on a  technology transfer demonstrator using its  new IPV Marine software. The use of the IPV Marine software will allow software that is currently used daily for procedural control and to record activity on the International Space Station be applied to the shipping industry.

IPV Marine is an adaptation of our award winning International Protocol Viewer (IPV) technology, a system that controls and manages over 13,000 procedures on board the International Space Station.

This new technology is being trialled on board Ardmore Shipping Corporation’s tanker the ‘Ardmore Cheyenne’ which departed Venice, Italy, for a 3 months’ long voyage to Tangshan, China.  The crew on board the Ardmore Cheyenne will pilot Skytek’s ‘IPV Marine’, developed with funding from the European Space Agency Space Solutions Centre Ireland. The software will support the electronic execution and information management of operational procedures onboard ships, leading to a safer, more efficient, greener, and secure maritime industry.

IPV Marine is a web based, mobile, satellite enabled application is a complete end to end solution providing key components such as easy authoring, complex task procedure/task execution, management reporting, digital signature and user administration.

David Gibbons, Manager of ESA Space Solutions Centre Ireland, comments:

“IPV Marine is a great example of how a company with a niche space technology can expand into Earth-based sectors. ESA Space Solutions Centre Ireland brought Ardmore Shipping Corporation and Skytek together to open up new opportunities for the commercialisation of this technology which could potentially lead to paperless shipping and improve safety and efficiency across the sector.”

For further information please contact:


T: +353 1 678 7660

Skytek CEO, Dr. Sarah Bourke; ESA Space solutions Centre Ireland Manager, David Gibbons; Skytek CTO, Paul Kiernan and Skytek Software Engineer, Karl Chadwick
Ardmore Cheyenne

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