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Skytek’s CTO Paul Kiernan Speaks at London Space Law Symposium

London, 9th May 2024 – Skytek is pleased to announce that its Chief Technology Officer, Paul Kiernan, was a keynote speaker at the recent ‘London Space Law Symposium’. Hosted by Skadden, this prestigious event brought together leading experts to explore the evolving landscape of law and space technology.

During the symposium, Paul addressed critical topics at the intersection of space technology and insurance law. He highlighted the latest advancements in Earth observation technologies, which are pivotal for enhancing risk assessment and underwriting processes in the insurance industry. Paul also discussed the challenges and opportunities that satellite data presents and proposed innovative strategies for improving risk management.

This engagement underscores Skytek’s commitment to leading the way in integrating space technology with practical business solutions.

For more information on the discussed technologies and Skytek’s offerings, please contact us HERE.

Skytek CTO Paul Kiernan

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