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Skytek - Second live trial of the AF3 project held in Spain
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Second live trial of the AF3 project held in Spain

A major validation of the technical outputs were held during the second live trial of the AF3 technology, held in the northwest of Spain. Each partner tested both their own research outputs as well as the complete AF3 solution on a controlled fire and live trial dedicated for the event. The results will be used for the third and final live trial to be held in Israel later this year.

AF3 (Advanced Forest Fire Fighting- Grant Agreement n° 607276) is a 7th Framework Programme collaborative project funded by the European Commission within the theme SEC-2013.4.1-6  Preparedness for and management of large scale forest fires. AF3 intends to improve the efficiency of current fire-fighting operations and the protection of human lives, the environment and property by developing innovative technologies to ensure the integration between existing and new systems.

For more information see:

And: //

Forest Fire Management

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